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General Information

We are contracted with Wedgewood Weddings - Tapestry House to provide cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts for their special events. 


Your package includes one serving of dessert per guest. You may choose how you'd like to distribute your servings. For example, a multi-tiered cake, a small cutting cake with cupcakes, or options from our Other Desserts menu!


The final amount of servings is based off of your final headcount. Since we work with an estimated headcount during the design process, some things may change once we receive your final headcount from Tapestry House. This may mean adding or eliminating a tier or adding or eliminating cupcakes other desserts. Flourish Cake Design will ensure that enough servings are provided for your event.


Leftovers are not guaranteed! If you would like extra servings or to save your top tier, Flourish Cake Design will work with you to add them to your order and send you an invoice directly. 


4-5 Months
Before Your Wedding

Schedule a take-home tasting box pickup. 

During our meeting, we will ask you some preliminary questions to understand your unique needs, go over what is included in your Wedgewood package, and answer any questions you may have.

*If you plan to select one of the package designs, you do not require a complete consultation. 

3 Months
Before Your Wedding

Meet with the owner for your take-home tasting box. 

Finalize your flavor and design choices (this is usually done via email)

Finalize your flavor and design choices.

10 Days
Before Your Wedding

Flourish Cake Design will receive your final headcount from Tapestry House. 

We will reach out to you if there are any significant adjustments to your order (i.e. adding or removing a tier).


Many couples choose to save the top tier of their wedding cake to share on their first anniversary. If you are interested in this tradition, Flourish Cake Design will invoice you directly for the cost of the top tier of your cake and ensure that the remaining tiers of your cake provide enough servings for you and all of your guests on your wedding day. 


If you plan to add flowers, greenery, toppers, or any other decorations to your cake please leave them on the cake table so we can place them upon delivery. 

Your florist is familiar with working with us and will leave any cake flowers you have ordered on the cake table. 


Cake stands elevate the appearance of any cake. Pedestal stands are beautiful, but cake is HEAVY. If you are providing your own cake stand, please be sure it is sturdy and stable. We recommend platform stands in lieu of pedestal stands as they are more stable in the event that your cake table is accidentally bumped. 

If you'd like to provide your own stand, feel free to contact us via email with a photo and dimensions of your stand so we can let you know whether it will work for your cake. 

Here is a helpful video you can watch to help you determine if your pedestal stand is appropriate. 

We have a variety of rental cake and cupcake stands available.

Please contact us for pricing and photos of our options. 

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